Will chicken plucker work on duck

 Will a Chicken Plucker Work on Ducks?

Plucking a duck before cooking is mandatory; everyone knows this. But, you have to perform the plucking task right. Why? Plucking the duck roughly or carelessly decreases the meat quality and taste. And, you may never want to notice pin feathers while cooking the best recipe. 

This leads us to a question: will a chicken plucker work on ducks?

A chicken plucker won’t work properly on ducks. This means you can’t just throw a duck into the chicken plucker to pluck it. According to the experts, the ducks are unsuitable for the chicken plucker machine. However, you can use a duck plucker or perform wet plucking in this case for better results. 

There are more things to come regarding duck plucking, and we won’t mind covering the facts below. 

So, let’s explore!

What Is the Fastest Way to Pluck a Duck?

When plucking any duck, you may want to find an efficient way. However, if you ask us about the fastest way to pluck a duck, we would like to say ‘wet plucking,’ and we have some valid reason behind suggesting this as well.

Another most practiced way of plucking a duck is the dry plucking method. But, the wet plucking using paraffin wax does the job more comprehensively when it comes to the fastest way. But what does wax plucking mean? 

This is one of the most traditional methods of plucking ducks. Here, people pluck the ducks using hot water and duck wax to remove the feather. You can also consider it as a duck waxing method (as some people think so).

Why Can’t You Pluck a Duck Using a Chicken Plucker? 

Because there are a few differences between the skins of chickens and ducks. You can’t pluck the ducks like you do the chickens with the chicken plucker. So that’s why something is a chicken plucker means chicken plucker.

But, to think more logically, according to many people who experience that, they don’t get the expected results when they try to pluck ducks using the chicken pluckers. 

However, there are some chicken pluckers that can also be used for plucking ducks. For instance, Vevor chicken plucker has a versatile usability, you can use it for chickens, ducks, turkeys etc. Check out this chicken plucker here on Amazon.

The ducks have more oil in their skins compared to the chicken. Therefore, most people don’t even want to use the duck plucker. Instead, they like to go with the hand plucking or waxing. 

However, the fact is, you can do anything, but when you are getting the most out of doing anything, you need to do things right. That’s the case here. 

 How do you pluck a domestic duck?

Plucking a domestic duck, however, is not rocket science. If you follow the steps we will show you; you will find a lot of ease while plucking a domestic duck next time. 

But, before that, let’s know what you need to pluck. Here, we will describe one of the most efficient ways to pluck a duck, and that is using paraffin wax. 

  • A big pot of hot water.
  • A bucket of cold water.
  • Kitchen shears.
  • Paraffin wax.
  • Hand gloves.

Step 1: Cut the Wings

Yeah, cutting the wings of the duck is important before plucking it. So, you should hesitate to take a kitchen shear (solid enough) and cut the wings one by one.

Step 2: Put Out the Long feathers

This is another crucial thing to do. You need to pull out as many longer feathers as possible before putting the duck into the wax. The paraffin may not be able to pluck the longer and giant feathers. Wear hand gloves and take your time to take the feather perfectly. Besides, don’t avoid taking the feathers off the tail as well.

Step 3: Mix the Paraffin Wax with the Water

Use a sufficient amount of paraffin wax and mix it properly with the hot water. Try to ensure that the wax metals into the water properly. The temperature of the water will be around 50–70° C. 

Step 4: Dip the Duck into the Wax

You must carefully dip it into the wax-mixed water by holding its leg and neck. Make sure you don’t dip your finger as the water is hot. However, you don’t need to dip the duck for long. Instead, put the duck for a few seconds and take it off.

Step 5: Put the duck into the cold Water

After dipping it into the wax water, you must put the duck into the cold water. Hold the duck under the cold water for some time and pull it out. However, if you see the duck’s feathers become hard, it’s the best time to remove the duck from the water.

Step 6: Break the Wax

Once you pull out the duck from the cold water, you need to break the wax carefully. Take the time it needs. Then, you can start it from the neck area of the duck and gradually break the wax off the entire body. You may hear a cracking sound, but don’t be afraid; this is natural when breaking the wax.

After performing the above steps, you will have a fully plucked duck. That’s so simple. 

Related Questions

Do You Have to Gut Ducks Right Away?

It depends on a few factors. For example, if you want to eat the ducks early, you must gut the ducks early. But, there’s no specific obligation that you need to gut the ducks right away after retrieving them. Besides, it also depends on the temperature condition. 

However, most people gut the duck immediately after skinning or plucking it. This is because you keep the duck without gutting it for a long time; you may face trouble while getting it later. 

So, in this case, our recommendation is to gut the ducks immediately after skinning or plucking. Then you can cook it or keep it in the fridge according to your wants.

Can You Pluck a Duck?

We don’t have any confusion regarding plucking a duck. Besides, we hope you shouldn’t too. You can efficiently pluck a duck using a duck plucker or waxing it after plucking. Not only ducks but birds similar to ducks and chickens can also be plucked whenever you need. 

You need to become careful enough and perform the plucking task accurately. However, the approach to plucking a duck may vary, but the overall concept will remain the same. 

Besides, do remember one thing. You can usually find a lot of ease while plucking a duck if the duck is around 7-8 weeks.

You may need to provide a bit of additional effort if the duck is comparatively older. 

How Do You Remove Pin Feathers From Ducks?

The task of removing the pin feathers from ducks is pretty important. That’s why you need to do the task carefully. Pin feathers are not like normal feathers. Therefore, extra effort is needed to remove this type of feather.

First, you should try to pull out the longer feathers that are easy to remove. Don’t forget to wear hand gloves while pulling out the feathers. Besides, you shouldn’t try to remove the features with extra force. 

Once you have done this, you need to get a bucket of hot water. It would be better if the temperature of the water remained 50–70° C. Then, dip the duck into the water for nearly 3 minutes. 

You may also use wax to remove the pin feathers in this circumstance. Therefore, waxing is another feasible alternative.

Final Words

It’s time to call it a day after we’ve discussed duck plucking here in this blog. Now you know what to keep in your mind while plucking ducks. As we started, it wouldn’t be wise to pluck ducks with a chicken plucker forcibly. 

Besides, we have also mentioned the best and most effective ways to pluck a duck so that you can get better meat afterward. It’s all about mastering proper techniques—nothing else.

So, if someone asks you: will a chicken plucker work on ducks? What will your answer be then? 

We hope you’ve found this content helpful, and yes, don’t forget to let us know if you find any difficulties in plucking ducks. What will be your next recipe?