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Chris – Chicken farmer

My name is Chris and I am the owner and operator of this site on chicken farming.

More about me, my life and work surround an agricultural lifestyle. I am a graduate of Purdue University and have much previous experience working with livestock and farming. More specifically, I am a grain and feed merchant, and I live in the countryside, personally growing and tending to poultry for my own family.

My previous education has given me the ability to better the type of lifestyle that I give my chickens, and I also use the experience I’ve gained from work in order to find more effective ways to increase the livelihood and productivity of the chickens that I have at home.

The work that I do with poultry farming helps to provide my family with the most natural and tasty products.

About Us

Chris – Grain & Feed Merchant

Chris  – Chris is a life long Agricultural professional, who’s career has centered on the grain & feed industry.  He brings a wealth of knowledge of animal livestock feeds and shares insights into best practices.  Feel free to reach him about your farming practices at the below contact.




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