How to Clean a Chicken Coop?

by Jennifer Behm – Chicken farmerLast Updated – 16 March 2021

Even if you don’t get a brand-new flock of birds this year, it’s an excellent suggestion to thoroughly clean out your chicken coop once in a while. I like to do an incredibly deep tidy each spring. It just makes me feel much better, so I therefore presume it makes my poultries feel much better. I have no suggestion if that’s sensible, yet I’m persevering.

Cleaning the chicken coop

This is typically a regular task, although you might need to do it regularly. Occasionally a quick mid-week clean is needed in warm weather condition, or in the depths of winter months when the poultries are inside more than typical. Follow your nose, however if the cage begins to smell of ammonia, a clean-out is well past due!

cleaning coop

Ammonia is generated by stagnant droppings, as well as will affect your hens’ fragile respiratory system systems. They do most of their droppings in the evening, so cleaning-out is a task that should not be disregarded. If you keep top of things and are well-organized, it need not take long.

You will require:

Big bucket
Small shovel
Scrape (a paint scraper is great).
Tight brush.
Strong rubber handwear covers (valuable for a fast skip-out of droppings).

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Doing the weekly clean

Remove perches as well as droppings board. Shovel all the bedding right into your pail. Don’t neglect the nest-boxes. They shouldn’t be filthy, but the eggs you consume are stocked there, so the cleaner the better! You can re-use unsoiled nest-box product on the henhouse floor.

Make use of the scraper to remove dried out on droppings from your house, droppings board as well as sets down. Brush up all the staying debris. You’ll possibly discover some feather dander around, but piles of grey dirt (like cigarette ash) signify red mite– continue to ‘Spring-cleaning’ listed below right away!

Once the house is tidy, chicken disinfects powder works for drying up wet patches. In fine weather conditions, try to leave the doors open for a number of hrs so your house can air.

Poultry bed linen makes good compost. Simply ensure the poultries do not have access to the compost heap, or all your good work will be lost!

Lastly add fresh nesting product and also a layer of bed linens. Replace the droppings board and perches. You can currently provide whatever a spray with mite powder, or freely spray Diatom throughout, scrubing it well right into the perches. Keep in mind that it will only work if it enters into contact with the mites.

If you’re starting, a good way to get cleaning devices can be in a kit like this one assembled by Omlet which has:

Johnsons Clean ‘n’ Safe a cleaner and also anti-bacterial.
Diatomaceous Planet for dusting around the cage after that to avoid red mite.
Biolink Fowl Shield Cleaner Concentrate weaken to wash the coop and kill off a red mite.
Virkon S Disinfectant Tablets
A Container Brush

Cleaning the chicken run

If your poultries live in a fixed run for all or part of the day, it can conveniently end up being a haven for condition. Worms have a remarkable life-cycle, much of it based around droppings, so regular poop-picking can aid keep your group healthy. The smaller sized the run, the more often you need to pull on those rubber gloves!

In dry climate, droppings can be raked up. Lining the run with a substratum like hardwood chips, sand and even rubber chips assists stay clear of the mud/dust bath generally related to small poultry runs. It likewise makes cleansing much easier and also reduces smells.

Normal use of chicken anti-bacterial as well as ground sanitiser will certainly restrain disease as well as destroy worm eggs prior to the hens eat them.

Depending on the climate as well as the substrate used, you will have to transform or cleanse it once in a while. Take this chance to sanitize the ground under or if the surface is concrete, to tube it down and also make use of some anti-bacterial.


Spring is a great time to scrub out the chicken-house, however don’t restrict it to spring– an autumn tidy removes any kind of nasties prior to the difficulties of wintertime. You will certainly likewise require to do some serious scrubbing if you presume red mite or other bloodsuckers have actually relocated.

Pick a cozy, completely dry day and also begin early so whatever can dry extensively. Take your home apart as high as possible.

Get rid of all the bedding and also scrape up droppings as usual.

Chicken Guard is a reliable cleaner that likewise ruins red mite. It’s really secure to utilize around hens (although it shouldn’t be splashed straight on the birds).

You can buy Fowl Shield online right here.

Blend an option as routed on the container, and reach collaborate with your stiff brush. Use a sprayer to get the combination into the crevices where red mite love to conceal.

Now leave whatever to air as well as completely dry in the sunlight. The UV from sunshine kills lots of viruses so it’s always an excellent concept to leave the door of the cage open up to obtain some sunlight in every now and then.

Choosing chicken bedding

As hens sleep on perches, flooring litter’ is the practically proper term. Whatever you call it, you need something that soaks up wetness, offers some insulation and also doesn’t create dirt.

Dust-extracted shavings are absorptive, can help with insulation, and also are likewise reasonably affordable big bales are extra affordable than bags if you have room.

Shredded hemp is much more expensive yet much more absorptive than shavings. With good protecting top qualities, it is dust-free as well as likewise repels flies.

Easichick’ is a timber item made especially for birds. It is dust-free, absorbent, and also composts conveniently.

Straw is messy as well as not very absorbent dust-extracted sliced straw is much better.

Shredded paper doesn’t give much insulation or absorption, and can be untidy in gusty weather condition!

Shredded cardboard is absorbing, dust-free and also garden composts easily.

Do not make use of hay or shredded bark, as they include hazardous spores. Sawdust is as well dusty and can create eye irritation as well as can be a recipe for catastrophe because hens are prone to respiratory issues.

Clean Your Chicken Coop Naturally

As backyard chicken caretakers, we know that sanitation is so important to the overall wellness of our valuable flock. Yet, with so many cleaning items to select from, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to review the labels, looking for any type of active ingredients that might damage our chooks. So, what’s the solution? Return to the basics – bid farewell to extreme chemicals as well as say hello to natural cleaning services. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), fresh fruit, natural herbs, vodka, brownish sugar, flowering plants, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks – just what do all of these active ingredients have in common? They clean without the help of chemicals and also leave behind a beautiful fragrance that sticks around long after your cleaning chores are total!

Although it may be a little bit even more time consuming to clean your hen cage making use of all-natural components as a result of the prep work time necessary, the benefits are exceptional! Try out adhering to cleaning services when you’ve gotten rid of every one of the stained bed linen.

One of the most fundamental alternatives for cleaning your chicken coop is a combination of vinegar as well as water-either ACV or white vinegar will certainly function. Simply mix concerning 15ml of vinegar with water in a spray bottle. Spray on as well as rub out with a moist rag or sponge and also voila … clean, fresh scenting coop!
Or, mix up 120 ml vinegar plus 60 ml baking soda with water in a 2-liter spray bottle.
The Lemoncello cleanser is all-natural as well as efficient (yet prepare this set three months in advance!). Advertisement 5 lemon rinds and 1 mug of brownish sugar to a 2-liter container of water. Shake till the sugar is liquified. Loosen up the cap of the bottle, and store for 3 months so it ferments. After 3 months, stress it through a screen and make use of the fluid to clean up!
Lavender, vanilla, and mint are also charming perfumed coop cleanser – look into our Herbs for Chicken Wellness: Lavender write-up for the recipe!
Citrus based blends are another fantastically perfumed cleaning choice with an included benefit to boot-citrus oil is a bug spray! Yahoo! It’s also a champ at dissolving waste accumulation!
For a basic citrus cleaner, fill a jar with lemon as well as orange peels and pour white vinegar on top. Allow the mixture sit for several days, as much as two weeks, then strain the liquid right into a spray bottle for usage.
If your hectic little chooks have actually dropped some stubborn droppings onto their coop floor, tidy- up is at the ready in your kitchen pantry-mix up a paste of baking soft drink and water. Or sprinkle sodium bicarbonate freely on top of the persistent mess and also scrub. The abrasiveness of the sodium bicarbonate ought to suffice as well as leave the surface area clean and smooth.

Step by step

1. Shovel and scratch every one of the manure, dust, shavings, cobwebs, as well as feathers out.
It is essential to be detailed in this step, considering that the vinegar won’t precisely evaporate the real bits of manure, etc. I found a square shovel to be extremely handy in scratching the flooring. Old, dried out poultry manure can be like cement …
2. Take a pipe to it.
Give the wall surfaces, floors, roosts, as well as nesting boxes a good spray down to get rid of the great dirt and also soften any stuck-on manure or dust.
3. Scrape & shovel once more.
Do a final sweeping/scraping off any type of continuing to be, softened manure or dirt, after that permit the water to drain pipes, or sweep it out the door.
4. Elbow grease, infant.
Blend equivalent parts white vinegar and also water in a container OR just slosh straight vinegar onto your wet floor. I chose the sloshing method personally. Take your mop or brush as well as give every little thing a vigorous scrubbing up, seeing to it to disperse the vinegar option as thoroughly as feasible.
5. One more rinse …
Execute the last rinse, after that allow water to drain or move it out the door.
6. Air dry.
Open the doors as well as home windows as well as allow every little thing to completely dry and also air out. Sunshine additionally acts as an anti-bacterial, plus, fresh air is always helpful. I such as to have lots of airflow in my cage anyhow.
exactly how to clean up a hen cage
7. Do not neglect the additionals.
While you have the hose connected, scrub any type of feeders and also waterers as well as set them in the sunlight to dry.
8. Add fresh bed linens …
As well as inform your hens, “You’re welcome!” As well as if you’re really good, include some fresh herbs to their nesting boxes, and also mix up my favorite hen cage spray dish for a sweet-smelling coop.

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