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The tools that appear on this page were sent by viewers of this website. Many have not yet been identified. If you know what they are, then please make contact!

1000. Anne Coyle (UK) sent the picture below. Simon Davis (Surrey UK) states that this is not a farm tool, it is a butcher’s carcass stretcher used when butchering pigs. The y-shaped ends act as a rib cage expander.

1001. Sent by Steve Hall, Conyers, Georgia, USA, Does anyone know what this is?

1002. Sent by David Catoe (This is marked “made in England”. Larry Moeller, USA, suggests this is a cast iron hoe blade, and also may have been used by slaves in the USA to cook so-called hoe cakes)

1003. Sent by Jennifer Taylor, USA, (Larry Moeller, USA, suggests this is a snow shovel)

1004. Sent by Roger Lane (UK). Simon Davis (Surrey, UK) thinks this is a oven scraper.

1005. Sent by Anne Marie Laidlaw, UK, (Larry Moeller, USA, suggests this is a clothes washer, Simon Davis, UK, agrees)

1006. Sent by Chris Holley, UK, Aero Seed Fiddler

1007. Sent by Stacey Walker, Flail

1008. Sent by Brooke Beaird, Potato Shovel

1009. Sent by Mary Van Ardsel, St. Petersburg, Florida, Weaving combs?

1010. Sickle sent by Gesa Denecke, Hamburg, Germany

1011. Chaff Cutter in collection of the Museum of Pope Giovanni XXIII, Sotte il Monte, Bergamo, thanks to Flavia Pintossi, Italy.

1012. Ken Texmo (Ontario) send the picture below. He believes it is a Feed bag tying tool from about 1890. Simon Davis (Surrey, UK) states that this is sack stitcher.

1013. Imperial Bushel, send by Laurie Ward, UK

1014. French Winnowing Machine, George Ridley, UK

1015. Upright Hay Knife, Paul Prestridge, USA

1016. Spade, Tom Motman, USA

1017. Three pictures of the same unknown object made by the Corry Company, London, send by Delice Fox in New Zealand. Simon Davis (Surrey UK) thinks this is a weed eradicator.

1018. Julia Aston (Canada) sent this. James Moloney (USA) states with some authority that this is a stitching horse. It was used leather shops and on the farm to make or repair leather goods.

1019. Wendy Mulally (USA) sent this possibly Swedish implement, and later she identified it as a “scutching knife” which was used in the processing of flax; he flax was held against a scutching board and the scutching knife was banged or drawn down against it to separate the core of the flax from the soft outer fibres.

1020. This three-pronged fork was found by John Davies-Allen. Can anyone add any useful information about it?

1021. Barbara Shaw sent this picture. Does anyone know what they are?

1022. Annette Bonnell sent this. Does anyone know what it is?

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