Rat Proof Feeder for chickens

by Jennifer Behm – Chicken farmer| Last Updated 07 February 2023

What type of chicken feeder is best?

  1. Chicken Treadle Feeder Rural365 17.6lbbest rodent-proof chicken feeder
  2. Pest proof feeder by RentaCoop – best treadle feeder for chickens
  3. Poultry Feeder with a Galvanized SteelCapacity Trough Feeds 6-12 Poultry/Fowl Up to 10 Days Keeps Dry
  4. Galvanized Steel Poultry Feeders Grandpa’s 20lbautomatic poultry feeder to prevent rats
  5. Outdoor Rainproof Galvanized Chicken Feeder RentACoop 25lbrat proof feeder for chicken
  6. Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder Harris Farms 7lbbest chicken feeder to prevent waste
  7. Plastic feeder and waterer for baby chick RentACoop 1.5 L Waterer 1L Feeder Kit – the best feeder for chick

The best feeder to prevent rats is Treadle Feeder. And are you sick of dirty rats and mice getting into your chicken feeder? Trental feeder might be for you and your hungry hands. I’ve been trialing this chicken feeder. Now the feed automatic for about two months, and here’s my honest review.

the best chicken feeder

TOP type chicken feeders Review 2023

ImageProductTop rated
best rodent-proof chicken feeder
Сhicken Treadle Feeder review
Сhicken Treadle Feeder
  • Automatic closing design keeps food safe from pests and the elements
  • Weight minimums ensure rats, mice, squirrels, and smaller birds cannot feed from your big chicken feeder
  • Automatic duck feeder chicken food dispenser with lid holds up to 17.6 pounds (8kg) of feed; Suitable for small flocks (6 to 12 birds)

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automatic poultry feeder to prevent rats
Steel Poultry Feeders review
Steel Poultry Feeders
  • The built in anti-flick grill stops chickens throwing food out, saving on wasted chicken feed
  • Feeders also allow a number of chickens to eat at once
  • Standard size is suitable for all chickens, pheasants and is designed for smaller flocks of up to 12 chickens

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PVC Port Feeder Kit with Saw
DIY Port Poultry Feeder review
DIY Port Poultry Feeder
  • You can turn any container into an automatic feeder or waterer for your chickens or ducks
  • The whole main body is a relatively flexible silicone, so it really actually does conform to buckets (5gallon in my case), as well as flat totes
  • The kit comes with a hole saw and drill bit making this kit well worth the money

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The best rodent-proof chicken feeder

rat proof feeder for chicken

Chicken Treadle Feeder Rural365

You can get several different sizes of this particular feeder, but I wanted the 20 kilograms larger feeder because this capacity feeds our hands for several weeks. It came in a professionally packaged and organized box with easy to follow instructions. There are two feed flow settings that can be adjusted to let out more or less feed depending on your flock or the type of feed that you’re using.

You might want more if it’s a thick pellet, or if it’s got a bit of molasses through it, or you might want a smaller fee to not let out so much of it’s a lighter grain, the treadmill plate can be adjusted. It has these easy adjustments here for the type of flock you have. So it’s just not, I one fits all. If you’ve got a lot flock of birds, that’s different to flocks of say the heavier breeds or the standard breeds.

Only when they stand on the treadmill plate, this action opens the feeder door. And then when the hen steps off the feeder door closes again. So nothing else can get in. It’s not just that the rodents eat the feed of the feeder. I mean, that’s an issue and that attracts Ridens, but I think the main problem for rodents in feed is that they actually get in the feeder and they poop in it and they pay in it and this could make your hands sick or give them diseases. The theater is filled from the top via an easy to open and close lid. And the hands take no time at all to get the hang of using the feeder. I placed a brick on the treadmill plate to keep the feeder door open for the first few days.

So the hands got used to where to go. And before long they’re all into it, then after I removed the white, the hands quickly understood how the feeder works. They might’ve balked a few times as they stepped on the feed. Once the brick was removed and realized that it moved, but that it really didn’t bother them. They got the hang of it very quickly. Indeed. Now let’s move on to what I liked about the feed. I MADEC, first of all, I like the upright design. It takes up little space and it looks good. It makes less noise due to the plastic on metal design. Particularly when the treble door is closing years ago, we had one of those grandpa chicken feeders or metal, fairly heavy piece of kit. I used to know that a possum would be feeding out of it possible possums because through the night now our house is a good 50 meters away, but through the night I could hear the treadmill door slam shut.

And of course the chickens couldn’t be doing it because that would have been asleep at the time. And roosting say there, that’s how I knew the treadmill was getting activated through the nighttime. This fader is nowhere near, as noisy as that or other turtle feeders that we’ve used. It’s reasonably lightweight, but then still very durable. And again, rats and mice can’t get into it. So that’s a good thing. It’s waterproof. We’ve had a lot of rain lately and the feed stays dry. It holds a lot of feed and we can fill it without any need to worry about feeding our trucks for several weeks. And that for a chicken keeper is really great. Not having to worry about feeding the chickens every day and just sort of set and forget is fantastic. Now I’ll cover the things that I don’t like about the feed are Maddie for a start.

Speaking of rats and mice. I liked its upright design and its rodent-free features. One thing that concerns me is the possibility of them chewing through the plastic base of this feeder compartment. I should stress that. I haven’t seen any signs of this yet on our feeder, but as we know, rats are good chores.


  • This one is by far the best built, best instructions and easy to assemble.
  • Easy setup. Works as intended.
  • Works great for keeping wild birds out.


  • I would recommend a rubberized edge on the hopper to reduce the clank.

Automatic Treadle Feeder

pest proof feeder
rain-proof feeder

Feeder is 100% rain-proof and pest proof

I more than happy with the quality. It is tough as well as there were no sharpe sides or burrs. The feature is excellent. It is very effective at keeping the pullets from spilling their food, along with from standing in and pooping on the food.
The things I would certainly transform are

1. the guidelines. They were unclear. I made numerous mistakes and also did not also recognize the springs were meant as locks to keep out brilliant unwelcome guests.
2. assembly. The feeder does call for some setting up and also I am just tired of having to set up stuff. It likewise required dismantling the weight for the feeding door for my birds, as well as it will certainly have to be returned at some time. I can see why it came partly unassembled as it would have required a bigger box, however, this is an aggravation for me.
3. the food bin lid. It is flat as well as has actually been made use of for a perch with the unavoidable pooping on it as well as the food lid. The feed itself stayed clean, but this was just because the poop had not been specifically damp. Note that the feeder is inside and also I did not utilize the consisted item planned for rain.
So I will certainly acquire a second feeder, as I simulate the feature very much. I will certainly find something to keep the hens from roosting on the cover, though.
I would recommend the feeder to any individual with hens.


  • Customer service from Rentacoop is the best I have ever had the pleasure of having.
  • This is a sturdy well-made feeder.
  • There was a card in the box with the feeder giving info to register for a 2-year warranty.


  •  Place the training bolts where they need to go, and remove the weight plate from the inside.

Poultry Feeder with a Galvanized Steel

Poultry Feeder
Fowl Up to 10 Days Keeps Dry

 Capacity Trough Feeds 6-12 Poultry/Fowl Up to 10 Days Keeps Dry

It’s a sturdy tool. I will adhere some soft cushioning to the lid edge so it won’t close as loud as it does. I purchased it because I am so tired of the doves, finches as well as myna birds eating my poultries’ food till it’s gone, throughout the day, every day. I have actually turned to throw away just handfuls of food to my girls, several times a day. I discovered this feeder so I’m crossing my fingers. I’m adhering to the guidelines so they will certainly acclimate to the use of it, it states about 3 weeks.

I suppose, nevertheless long it requires to get my hens eating in restaurants of it comfortably compared to just how much I have actually shed to the wild birds over the last 4 years as well as for the next 3 weeks (even more so since it’s a substantial quantity of food that’s subjected to them instead of merely handfuls) it will certainly be a small cost to pay in relation.


  • It’s a sturdy piece of equipment. 
  • Chickens were able to figure it out and use it within the first day of getting it.
  • Wild birds are not eating the feed anymore.


  •  I was not impressed with the poor assembly instructions.

The best treadle chicken feeder to prevent rats

treadle chicken feeder

Galvanized Steel Poultry Feeders Grandpa’s

Feeders are the large version, holds 18 kilos, probably get a 20 kilo back in there and imagine, and I’ll start with some of the things I like about it. First of all, it looks apart. It’s not tall, like a lot of the other turtle feeders. So there’s less chance of it blowing over in the wind, especially when MTC if I need to bolt into walls, it’s nice and wide.

I like the fact that this is a solid Trudell and there’s no mesh there, which means there’s no clack to get caught up. We can easily clean it down. It’s nice and simple inside.

Side panels to stop chickens from poking the head over and get them snapped off a good idea. What they’ve done is they’ve made sure to the rain should just run off the end. All the rivets look nice and solid. the lid also not relying just on its weight to stay on, but it’s actually locked in place by a screwed front and a screw at the back. when you push with the handle, this says push to open, lift-off and we’ll see inside all one piece. And each piece is nice.


  • No more feed thievery from squirrels, rats, and wild birds.
  • It to save a lot of feed and keep their food rodent free.
  • Great, innovative product.


  • It doesn’t keep out opossums and raccoons.

The best rat proof feeder for chicken

rodent proof chicken feeder

Outdoor Rainproof Galvanized Chicken Feeder RentACoop

I love filling up these feeders and going out of town.
So that way, whenever I have somebody coming and checking on my chickens, while I’m on vacation, they normally don’t even have to touch them.

I love this because this really keeps my feet dry. I noticed huge savings in my feed bill. It’s got this little spout here, chickens stick their head in, and it’s got another little spout which helps control the amount of feed that comes out. Uh, basically this is great because it helps reduce the amount of feed that’s wasted. Only one chicken can stick their head in there at a time.

Also for events, stuff like mice and rodents from getting in and getting to your really expensive feed comes in really handy.


  • Made of metal, which will resist sun damage.
  • Cuts down on food spillage and consequently reduces the potential for rodent interest in the chicken’s area.
  • It keeps the food dry, and the chickens can't scratch it all over the coop..


  • People have trouble with pellet feed draining from the bottom.

The best chicken feeder to prevent waste

best chicken feeder

Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder Harris Farms

This is poly, poultry feeder it’s made of durable long lasting plastic. It’s easy to clean. It’s very easy to assemble. It’s Twistlock system for locking easy fill top the anti scratch out. Um, base here keeps the chickens from kicking out a lot of the feed. This is available in seven, 10 and 25 pounds sizes.

With this new feeder, you can see that the hen will have a very hard time spilling any food out of the theater. And here is a little inside view of a hand eating from the bottom of the tube off to something that you think might be pretty logical. I’m opening the lid from in between the corners and using both hands, as opposed to lifting the lid from the corner. you can not only put the feeder on a stand, but you can also hang the theater. But unlike this feeder do not put the feeder under a roosting bar or you’ll have to clean it every day.


  • This feeder is heavy-duty, the hanger is positioned on the inside so the chicks can’t get caught in the wire.
  • The bottom can be removed for cleaning, the bottom also secures on tightly.
  • It works well and keeps the food accessible and clean.


  • The trough is too shallow.

The best plastic feeder for baby chick

plastic feeder for baby chick

Plastic feeder and waterer for baby chick RentACoop

We’ve been using this kind of chicken feeder for a couple of years now. We’ve got a little bit bigger galvanized one in the run right now.

The first thing to do is make sure that there’s lots of feeders around and I like to use a low low-lying type of a feeder. It’s good to allow for linear inches of feeder space per bird, to get chicks off to a good start waters and feeders should be emptied and cleaned and refilled every day. It’s also important to make sure that any damp litter around the water is removed and replaced with fresh dry litter, cleanliness and dryness are the keys to success to getting chicks off to a good start.


  • They are the perfect size.
  • They are easy to put together and take apart for cleaning.
  • The feeder holds about 2 cups of feed.


  • The product is light weight.

DIY chicken feeder PVC

DIY chicken feeder

DIY PVC Port Poultry Feeder Kit with Saw

Now I’ve been raising chickens for silver years and I’ve used lots of different styles of feeders and okay. Now, I want you to know you don’t have to go to the store and buy a feeder. You can always build your own.


  • Actually does conform to buckets and as well as flat totes.
  • The STOLTCO brand product is much better, as it is smaller and has a very flexible “hood”.
  • All the needed parts are included, even the large drill bit for the holes.


  • Huge issue with this product is the fact that the rubber is very very soft.

Rat Evidence Feeder for Poultries Acquiring Considerations

While trying to find the best rat-proof chicken feeders, it’s important to understand a number of features of the feeders along with your requirements regarding them.

A few of these aspects include what sort of insects you want to be shut out of the feeder, the type of feed you’ll be using, as well as the number of chickens you need to feed. You ought to likewise decide if you want a hanging feeder or not, as well as what product the feeder is made from.

What Sort of Vermin You Are Keeping Out

There are several pests and also wild animals that will certainly attempt to consume your chicken feed when you do not desire them to. Not only will they cut into the available feed, yet they might likewise be lugging diseases and bloodsuckers that could contaminate your chicken. However, if they can not access the food, they’re most likely to steer clear of as well as look somewhere else for a dish, which can safeguard your group.

Rats: Rats as well as Computer mice

The biggest problem for a lot of, and also the reason for this post: rats and computer mice. These rats will usually get into anything and also every little thing that also from another location smells like food, and that includes your feed bags, feeders, and extra if you aren’t careful as well as do not take the best precautions.

Steel as well as various other protective, thick, and chew-proof materials are great for the storage space and also circulation of chicken feed when rats as well as mice become a problem. Food-grade PVC as well as plastic are likewise resistant to the gnawing teeth of rats.

Wild Birds

It’s a little bit more difficult sometimes to keep wild birds out of your chicken feed. This is because, generally, if a chicken can get to the food, so can various other birds. Occasionally the very best technique to maintain wild birds from consuming your chicken feed is to closely monitor your flock while they feed as well as a cover or otherwise hide the feeder afterward.

Some hen feeders, nevertheless, feature weighted plates that will reveal the feed when the hen steps on the mechanism. This is a more convenient way of keeping wild birds from getting a free meal.

Number of Poultries Being Fed

The feed capability of your feeder is very important because you do not wish to load it and also not have it used or go to waste if your hens take ages to eat through it. Some people purchase larger ability feeders and don’t load all of it the means, they only load it to whatever amount their poultries will certainly eat in a day or more. This aids to keep the feed from stagnating or coming to be plagued

Hanging or Ground Feeder

This might be a mix of choice and requirement depending on exactly how persistent your bug trouble happens to be.

Hanging feeders can be positioned up off the ground at a degree that is comfortable for your poultries to get to. They can usually be attached to either cable fences or strong walls easily. They’re terrific for maintaining rats and also mice at bay and also maintaining some pests from creeping right into the feeder.

Ground feeders might be easier though, as well as might additionally have some functions that keep bugs as well as vermin out of the chicken feed, like weight plates as well as seals. These are specifically good for chicks as well as younger hens that might not be able to reach the hanging feeders as easily as the older hens and also fowls.

The Material

The very best materials for your poultry feeder when you’re trying to prevent rats from consuming the feed are either metal or resilient, chew-proof PVC as well as various other plastics.

Steel, specifically stainless or galvanized steel, are the very best alternatives as long as they’re ensured not to rust or corrode.

The plastics, if you perform instead, need to be food-grade as well as thick enough that a rat or computer mouse can not chew its means right into the container or feed bin.

The Final Word.
There can be no question that rats and also various other insects can not only be a hazard to your group but can cost you a significant amount of money in feed costs. Among the very best methods to relieve this trouble is to get the most effective rat-proof hen feeder as well as the products that we have examined more than fit that costs. Begin saving money on poultry food today by utilizing among these fantastic feeders.

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4 thoughts on “The best chicken feeder 🍱”

  1. Grandpa’s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder
    I’ve been utilizing this feeder currently for about 2 months. It has solved two big troubles I was having – 1) wild birds entering into their feed and also spoiling it, 2) rain/snow obtaining feed damp and ruining it. I make certain that the investment in this feeder is mosting likely to settle with time with all the feed I’m not mosting likely to be throwing away anymore. I followed the training strategy and all five of my women picked it up in the 3 weeks with no troubles. It’s well constructed as well as I’m confident it will stand up gradually. Since we have very chilly winter seasons where I live, I taped a plastic floor covering to the action so it won’t be so cold for them to step on the steel plate. Outside of that, it’s basically best.

  2. Harris Farms Hanging Poultry Feeder is a wonderful, sturdy chicken feeder. Easy to fill and also it can handle my 7 poultries conveniently. The ONLY disadvantage is the absence of a cover. When the rains come, I constantly need to relocate in under something. I ended up taking a cheap plastic tray that you would use under a plant to record excess water, turning it about, and also cutting a lengthy port for the hanging wire to fit through. It provides some cover for the feed, however water still gets in – simply not as much. Developers, if you could simply fix this problem this would certainly be a super-awesome poultry feeder.

  3. Grandpa’s Feeders is a terrific feeder! It took my older poultries an extra 2 weeks at the half open readying to get made use of to the movement and also noise, but they did get used to it. I just recently obtained some new chicks and also when they were old enough to incorporate into the group they discovered by instance in one day! No more feed thievery from squirrels, rats, and also wild birds.

    This feeder works excellent with the complying with holiday accommodations:

    1. It rainfalls as well as storms commonly here in the deep south (lately 3 inches in less than an hour) and when it does I get a small leak at the front of the lift cover. I resolved the issue by making a little totally free standing shelter. It additionally maintains the lift step cool in the hot sunlight also.

    2. As a few other proprietors specified it doesn’t stay out marsupials as well as raccoons. Nevertheless, this as well is a straightforward solution. Simply put a brick on (or under) the platform pedal each night.

    Sturdy, well made, chickens like it as well as I’m saving cash!

  4. Treadle Feeder (25 LB) – Several of my hens seemed to not obtain utilized to this feeder. So we need to maintain it in the training setting However, it’s very durable as well as I such as that we can load it up for a week at a time and I have 9 chickens and a fowl they are golden comets.

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