the best AUTOMATIC chicken coop DOOR opener

The best AUTOMATIC chicken coop DOOR

by Jennifer Behm – Chicken farmer| Last Updated – 10  January 2021

Why Should You Get An Automatic Hen Coop Door?

Automatic Poultry Cage Door

  1. The primary reason many people get an automatic door is ease.
  2. Going outside in the snow as well as rainfall every morning, as well as evening, can come to be something of an annoyance for lots of people (especially as we get older). Likewise, individuals that have to rise at a certain time for a job can be busy in the morning and also forget to open up the cage.
  3. A great automated door removes the early morning pressure.
  4. Successive is vacations.
  5. Some people do not consider an automatic door till they are vanishing vacationing.
  6. It can be difficult getting a poultry sitter, a person who is willing to rise early, go to bed late and feed your birds.
  7. Although you still have to locate someone to feed and also water them, having an automated door opener can make it simpler– your next-door neighbor only has to stop by once-daily currently, instead of 2 or three times.
AUTOMATIC chicken coop DOOR

Have you ever been guilty of forgetting to secure the cage?

The majority of people have!
  1. Often times absolutely nothing happens, however if a predator occurs to be passing by an open coop is an invite for dinner. Opening and shutting the coop can occasionally obtain neglected, specifically if you are in a hurry or running late.
  2. The automatic door will not forget to shut as well as will certainly maintain your flock secure.
  3. Lastly, if you have wheelchair issues or are disabled, having an automatic door can be a true blessing.
  4. What To Know Before Purchasing An Automatic Chicken Coop Door.
  5. Whilst the selection of automated poultry cage doors might seem overwhelming, it is not really.
  6. You just need to understand a handful of crucial points to purchase the correct door for your cage and also flock.

Listed below we have actually detailed all the necessary things that you ought to try to find

  • Opening Mechanism: There are numerous different means a cage door can open. Ensure the door you get opens similarly as your current door. Or else you might find yourself stuck to something that does not benefit your certain coop.
  • door. Or else you might find yourself stuck to something that does not benefit your certain coop.
  • Source Of Power: Ensure to select the power source that is right for you. Many doors come in either electrical, batteries or solar– some doors even have all three power sources which is awesome.
  • Security Sensing unit: You require to make sure your door has a safety and security sensor. You do not intend to find your poultries beheaded by the door that was meant to maintain them risk-free. A lot of doors have a security sensor that quits the door from closing when it runs into resistance.
  • Simpleness: Not everybody can (or wishes to) understand complicated instructions or programs. See to it to choose a simple door that is very easy to program and use.
  • Steadily Made: Although it must not obtain way too much by way of heavy abuse, the door and also frame need to be weatherproof and also able to stand up to an attack by an identified predator.
  • Door Dimension: If you have turkeys or various other large fowl, they are not mosting likely to fit via a hen sized door– ensure the door you buy will fit your girls!
  • Programmable Control Box: Particular doors just have the dawn/dusk opening program. Predators are most energetic at dawn and dusk, so you do not want the coop opening just as a fox. Make sure your door has several opening/closing programs.
  • Complete Package: Does the package you are buying include every little thing you require? Some packages do not supply the door or a certain motor may be extra, look meticulously at what you are getting.
  • Simply keep in mind to try to look fairly at the product you are buying. It does not matter if it is available in a wonderful color of pink or has a charming design on it– you require reliability and capability for this product.

The bottom line is if it does not work well, it could kill your group.

Chicken Cage Door Openers

Coop control automatic door opener

Common Issues With Hen Coop Door Openers Automatic doors tend to have four typical issues

  • Malfunctioning components.
  • Security override stops working.
  • Utilizes great deals of batteries.
  • Undependable and intermittently shuts.
  • The majority of these troubles are usually resolved by seeing to it the door is set up correctly.

Always try to resolve a problem by checking via the instructions carefully. If you do not have any type of success with that said try customer care before you do anything to the unit.

Most of the producers are practical and will send substitute components rapidly.

One point to note is that winter time can be troublesome for doors powered by battery systems– batteries do not hold a fee well under 32 ° F. Try to buy a package that has the capability to be transformed to mains electrical if required.

You need to examine the door grooves regularly and keep them free from dirt, debris, snow and ice. Any of these points can protect against the door from totally shutting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install an automated door?

This will certainly depend entirely on which door you pick as every one is somewhat different. The only thing that follows every one of them is the requirement to cut out a doorway for the vehicle door to fit into. All systems come with directions as well as a couple of have YouTube help videos.

What size cage door do I require?

If you have only hens, after that you need to make use of at least a 12-inch square opening. Nevertheless, if you have ducks or turkeys you are absolutely mosting likely to require a bigger door!

Can you make use of the automated door during the winter season?

You can make use of the automatic doors all season. Although all of the products claim to work year-round, numerous individuals had trouble with their doors during extremely winter (battery or solar energy doors are one of the most bothersome). You would definitely need to keep the door grooves free from snow and also ice otherwise it would certainly freeze shut.

It states that the door is Wi-Fi enabled, what does that imply?

Some doors can be set into your smartphone using an application. This makes it easy to keep an eye on opening and also closing from anywhere you are. If you do not have Wi-Fi or a smart device do deny the item since they require a phone to configure them.


The kits we examined right here are a bit pricey, however you pay for the convenience of having something allow your give up for you!

Each door is relatively straightforward to mount and also the instructions are understandable.

The main point to keep in mind though is that they are all imperfect regardless of exactly how high their score or how much they cost.

So make certain to examine the door consistently to see to it is running as it must be.

Preferably, the door should open out into a fenced safe location instead of a complimentary range scenario, by doing this the birds have at least the safety of the locked compound if the door falls short to close.

ImageProductTop rated
Solar Kit, No Battery
Automatic Coop Door Opener review
Automatic Coop Door Opener
  • Works on all Swinging Coop Doors from 16 inches to 30 inches wide
  • Battery Powered (12V battery is required for operation) or Solar Panel
  • Complete Kit includes everything needed to install

Check Price
Coop Accessory with 3 Year Warranty
Waterproof Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener review
Waterproof Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener
  • Runs on 4 x AA alkaline batteries (included). Long battery life & Low battery warning
  • Comes with the new locking coop door kit! Door size: 10" x 12"
  • Simple to Setup - All in one design, no complicated wiring or cabling

Check Price
Coop Accessory
Electronic Chicken Coop Door review
Electronic Chicken Coop Door
  • Includes a light sensor that signals when to open and close the auto coop door
  • Dyneema fiber pulley rope that is waterproof and resistant to UV light
  • Chicken door automatic opener provides a secure protection from raccoons, foxes, and other predators

Check Price

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  1. Coop Door Opener Kit
    The device itself is really durable, and also I appreciate that I had the ability to make use of the existing door on my pre-fab coop. There are a few things that would certainly have made this opener perfect. Initially, my box had no directions included. I have actually seen this mentioned on other reviews/questions for the item. After going down a significant quantity of cash on this item, I had not been pleased to be downloading as well as publishing 40-pg manual/instructions. Second, the circuitry that attaches the arm to the control box is just 3-ft. An additional number of feet would certainly have permitted me to put the control box on a tougher area of the cage.

    Finally, the photocell sensor did not execute as anticipated in all. My poultries wake up at dawn and start making a ton of noise intending to be discharge of the coop. I wanted an automated opener so I would not be heading outside at dawn every early morning to let out the poultries and also keep the peace with the neighbors. Unfortunately, by the time the photocell sensor recognized that it was daylight, the hens had actually been serenading the ‘hood with cackles for over 30 minutes (as well as I did make certain I really did not have a hold-up set). Coop Controls sent me a link to a timer that can be bought separately, and they did offer a practical electrical wiring diagram. My only experience with wiring is with fixtures that include every one of the required elements, so I was on my very own to figure out what I would require to buy as well as just how to connect the timer to both the battery and also the control board. I would certainly have liked the alternative to acquire the device with a timer (instead of a dawn to sunset sensing unit) with all of the needed supplies and also guidelines that are as outlined as those in the handbook. I invested way more time mounting every little thing than I want to confess, however I am ultimately delighted with the mounted system as well as separate timer!

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