How Do You Make an Egg Candler? ( a Step-By-Step Guide)

A perfect egg candler lets you get precise information about what is happening inside the egg. So if you are a poultry owner or someone who has concerns about the incubated egg, an egg candler will be pretty helpful for you.

However, it is possible to see the embryo’s growth inside the egg and take proper initiative about the eggs. Sometimes, you need to check egg fertility badly. Therefore, you will be able to do so with the help of the egg candling technique.

But, how do you make an egg candler from your home? We have come up with the solution here. You can make an egg candler by following the most straightforward steps below. 

Here are the steps include:

  1. Choose cardboard. 
  2. Make holes in the cardboard.
  3. Connect an LED bulb with cords.
  4. Place the LED bulb inside the cardboard. 
  5. Use tape to attach the cardboard cover.
  6. Test the candler.

How Do You Make an Egg Candler?

Things that you need to make an egg candler according to our recommendation.

  • Choose cardboard/box.
  • LED bulb.
  • Bulb holder.
  • Cords.
  • Screwdriver. 
  • Scissors.
  • Tape

These are the common materials you can have at your home. However, we try to provide you with a sustainable solution. 

Step 1: Choose A Cardboard/Box

Here, the cardboard can be any type of cardboard or box. It can be the box of your last birthday cake or your favorite pair of shoes. But, you should choose the box that is somehow big enough so that you can place the LED light inside it.

Besides, it will be better if the box is solid to use as an egg candler for a long time. So, to be more precise, the structure of the box should be substantial enough.

Step 2: Make Holes

Once you select cardboard, you need to place the box in an open place. You can keep the cardboard on a table. A scissor plays its part here. First, you need to make a hole in the cardboard cover. 

Making a hole on the cover lets you put the eggs on it. Here, make sure you make a hole measuring the sizes of the eggs. You may never want eggs to fall through the hole inside the box.  Then, you must make another hole in one side of the box to pass the LED light cord through it.

Step 3: Connects an Led Bulb With Cords

We believe you are capable enough to connect an LED light with the cords. The cords will supply electricity to the light. Next, use a screwdriver to connect the cables with the bulb holder. Besides, try to choose the more efficient bulb. 

Step 4: Place the Led Bulb Inside the Cardboard

This is one of the most critical parts. Once you have connected the bulb with the cord, it’s time to place it inside the box. However, it will be better to wrap the light with wrapping paper (grey) and place it inside the box. 

Do remember one more thing here. You should place the light in a way so that the head of the build stays underneath the cover hole. This is because the eggs you put on it can then get enough light, and you will be able to examine them properly. 

Step 5: Use Tape to Attach Cardboard Cover

It will be much better to permanently attract the cardboard cover with the entire cardboard after placing the bulb inside. If so, you don’t need to put the cover on the bulb repeatedly. 

Step 6: Test the Egg Candle

To check the egg candler, you have to  turn on the electrical power supply of the LED light inside the cardboard. Now, simply put an egg on the cover hole of the box. If you can see the inside part of the egg with light reflection, you need to congratulate yourself because you have done a great job making an egg candler.

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Related Questions

How Do You Candle Eggs With a Flashlight?

This is a simple way to candle eggs. You can comprehensively candle eggs with a flashlight. For this, follow the process below. 

  • Choose an efficient flashlight. 
  • Take a medicine cap and place the light in the center of it outside.
  • Cut the bottom of the medicine according to the shape of the light head.
  • Use tape (any type that would do) to attach to the light head with the medicine cap.
  • Now, put an egg on the flashlight to check the candle.

However, it can be the flashlight of your phone as well. So, if you use the phone’s flashlight, you need to turn on the flashlight first and put an egg on it, holding it with your hand. And, this way, you can candle eggs too. 

How Do You Candle an Egg?

You can candle the egg with the help of an egg candler. An egg candler lets you know every possible information inside the eggs. However, you can make an egg candler home or buy a professional one from online and offline shops.

Once you have an egg candler at your farm or home, you should start candling the eggs five days after incubation. Make sure you candle the eggs in the darkroom to get the most out of the candling. Besides, try to rotate the eggs gradually to observe blood vessel growth and embryo development. 

How Do You Candle an Egg and What Does It Show You?

You need an egg candler to candle the egg in this case. Once you have bought or made an egg candler, you need to perform egg candling gradually for a few days after five days of egg incubation. Besides, you must look at the egg and notice changes closely while candling it. 

In the initial stages of the egg candling process, you will find a small spot with a blood vessel. This is the confirmation that there’s a chick. Then, around day ten, you will find the embryo has grown, and the existence becomes more precise.

Until day fourteen, you will get a clearer picture of a growing embryo with a complete spread vein system. Meanwhile, within day nineteen, you will see a fully developed embryo and dark mass with a larger air cell. The embryo usually develops in the darker half of the egg. A blood ring means the embryo has died. 

Once the candling of each egg is done, you need to mark the egg and take about their condition. 

What Is the Best Egg Candler?

Many options are available if you are looking forward to having a professional egg candler. However, you can go with the Titan Incubator LED candler for better candling the eggs. Easy viewing is one of the core features that you should look for while buying any candler. 

In this sense, the Titan Incubator LED candler will be the best choice having high-efficiency cold LED illumination. It makes no difference what types of eggs you tend to name; the egg candler will perform comprehensively and provide you with a better inside view of the eggs. 


So, how do you make an egg candler? You might have a precise answer to the question now. Egg candling is essential, and to do this perfectly, you need to have an egg candler.

If you want to make it at home, you can. That’s why we presented the process above. Though there are many ways to make an egg candler, you can try the above to feel at ease. But, of course, you can also buy the egg candler as well.

Make sure to remember the right approach to egg candling. Otherwise, you can’t discover the fertilized eggs and many more. We hope you’ve found this article helpful.