Is Candling Eggs Safe?

Most people prefer candling eggs and observing the process inside the egg. In order to ensure a good hatch, people prefer candling the eggs for a certain time during the overall phase. But will candling affect the Chicken’s health or the egg’s condition? You need to discover the truth behind it.

So, Is Candling Eggs Safe? The short answer is yes. That is, there remain no chances of occurring damage to the chicken; rather, you can observe the development of the eggs. Not only will candling eggs be safe, but it will help you be cautious for the betterment of the eggs and the unborn chickens.    

In this article, you will not only find out the ins and outs of candling eggs. I will also mention the need for candling. Lastly, you will get to know about the timing and exact process of candling eggs. 

So, without any further ado, let us get started, Happy Reading

What Is Egg Candling?

Egg Candling indicates the process of observing the development that occurs inside an egg using a good source of light. During the egg development phase, you can do the candling of the eggs any time your want. 

Egg candling can be helpful if you want to check the condition and protect it from any kind of damage. You can check the situation inside the egg and take the necessary steps for the betterment of it as per requirement. 

Many people use candles for candling the eggs. It was the ancient process for candling. However, nowadays, people are preferring flashlights over candles. The powerful flashlights are making it easier to see through the egg shells. 

Candling is most done inside a darkroom. You can use basic or standard flashlights for the procedure; nonetheless, the best way will always be by using a candle. Candling with candles is an easy process and an inexpensive one. 

Why To Candle Eggs?

During the development phase egg might go through various problems and sometimes damage the whole egg. If you do candle, you will be able to track the progress of the eggs and take action for any kind of issues

If you start candling from the first few days, you will be able to observe the egg and keep notes of fertility issues, and you will get to know when the eggs are fertilized. You will be able to take action for the problems relating to embryo development and delayed mortalities inside the shell. 

The candling will help you check the hatchability of the eggs. Moreover, if you candle them before putting the eggs in the incubator, you can observe every small crack. You can also check for the bloodline inside the egg during the first few weeks. 

The bloodline indicates the death of the chick. Other than bloodline, you can also observe the egg for any bad incidents and take action if required. You can be careful and prevent the issues from occurring in other eggs. 

You can also observe and look for yolkers; that is, find the eggs that are unfertilized. You can separate quitters and yolkers and avoid unwanted troubles. 

Can I Skip Candling Eggs?

Candling is a phase you can definitely skip; however, candling eggs will surely prevent the eggs from any kind of damage. I have come across many farm animal lovers who have asked me about the importance of candling. 

So, What Is The Importance Of Candling Eggs? Candling makes the incubation stage for exciting. Through candling, you can master the techniques of protecting the egg. However, not everyone can complete the candling process smoothly. You need to learn and then practice the process to expertise in candling. 

So, if you are wondering, Are candling eggs necessary? Let me tell you, candling is not compulsory if you intend to hatch your own eggs. However, candling the eggs is prescribed only because for delivering healthy eggs to the incubation. That is, if you feel your eggs development needs to be observed and protected from any issues, you need to candle. 

How To Candle Eggs?

Candling eggs is not a complicated process, and you can easily master the technique. First, you will need a bright source of light. You can use candles or buys egg candlers that are completely up to your convenience. 

Egg candlers are pretty common and inexpensive product to use to check the incubation stage. I find this inexpensive Egg candler on Amazon, check it out here.

You will also need a dark room. The candling process should be done in a hygienic environment, which is why you will need to wash your hands. You will need to hold the flashlight or the candle in one hand. You can also place them in a definite place; it will make it easier. 

Then all you need to do is take the egg on top of the light source. Remember not to put the eggs right above the light so that the heat cannot damage the eggs. 

You might be wondering, How do you tell if an egg is alive or dead? Well, while candling, you will observe a dark spot surrounded by blood vessels, or it will appear empty and clear. This should be done during day 7. The empty and clear egg, with the exception of the egg yolk, indicates the unfertile egg. 

On the other hand, the blood vessels surrounding the dark spot indicate a well fertile egg. Make sure to understand the anatomy of an egg, as it will help you understand the process and help you take necessary steps when required. 

When Should I Candle The Eggs?

It is not mandatory to candle the eggs on a regular basis. Candling the eggs on day 7 and day 14 of the incubation phase will be enough; however, the more you do the candling, the more informed you will be about the process. 

You need to identify the problematic eggs before placing them in an incubator, as they need to be discarded. On day 7, if you see the eggs have a dark spot inside them surrounded by lots of blood vessels, then you can be assured that your eggs are perfectly fine. 

This indicates the egg-containing chicken embryo and the eggs are fertile. On the other hand, the unfertile eggs will have clear eggs, so sign of embryo development. Clear eggs and the eggs with blood rings should be discarded from the batch as they might rot and damage other eggs. 

The second mandatory candling should be done on day 14. On day 14, you will find the chicks being developed. You will observe a cloudy dark spot inside the egg with an adequate number of increased blood vessels. The wider side of the egg will hold the air pocket. 

The additional candling can be done on day 10 and day 18. On day 10, the eyes of the eggs will be noticeable. They will look mostly like large, black, and a little blurry. Sometimes movement might be visible. 

Then again, the final candling can be done on day 18 before putting them in the lockdown phase. On this day, you can check the eggs to observe the final progress and weigh them. 

When Should You Stop Candling Chicken Eggs?

Candling the egg for 3 to 4 times is well enough for observing the development inside the eggs. More candling might also cause damage to the eggs. Candling particularly does not hamper the eggs but rather makes the incubation process less effective. 

The more you open the incubator, the humidity level inside it is disturbed. You should stop candling after day 18, as the chicks will start to hatch in a few days. Moreover, the temperature and humidity level inside the incubator should be intact. 

Related Questions

How Can You Tell If A Candling Egg Is Bad?

Candling eggs can be a blessing as it helps you find the damaged or rotten eggs beforehand. However, candling eggs can also be bad if you do not need expertise on them. You need to learn the anatomy of eggs before you intend to do candling. 

You need to be aware of all kinds of possibilities that you might visualize inside the egg during the incubator phase. Moreover, frequent candling will lead disrupt the temperature and humidity level inside the incubator, which will definitely not be helpful.  

Incomplete knowledge about the candling eggs will do nothing well but rather damage your eggs. 

Can I Candle My Eggs Too Much?

Candling eggs frequently will increase the tendency to damage the eggs. There is no doubt candling eggs helps you observe the eggs and protect them from any kind of damage. At the same time, frequent candling can damage the eggs.

After eggs are kept in an incubator, they require constant temperature and humidity for the time being. But what happens is that when you take out the eggs from the incubator, the temperature and the humidity fluctuate, which is not good for the eggs. 

Therefore, it is recommended not to candle the eggs too much. 

Does Moving The Egg During Candling Damage It?

Moving the eggs during candling does not damage the eggs. But you need to be extremely careful while doing it. Moreover, prevent moving the egg after day 14, especially from day 18. 

How Can You Tell If Eggs Are Fertile?

You can find out the eggs are fertile in two ways; one is by cracking the eggs open, and another is by candling. When you crack the egg open, you will see a small white circle on the yolk. The extra white ring on the outside of the small white circle will help you understand the egg will develop into a chick. 

While candling on day 7, you will observe a few blood vessels surrounded by a dark spot inside the egg indicates the eggs are at their required phase and they are completely fertile. 

How Do You Know If An Egg Has A Chick In It?

Through candling, you can obviously tell whether the egg has a chick in it or not. During day 14 of incubation, candling will help you see the large cloud-like structure of the chick inside the egg. 

Then again, you can do the water test to find the egg with the chick. Just simply dip the egg in water at room temperature. If the egg floats with the sac side being up or if you feel like it sometimes is moving inside, then the egg contains a chick.