Do Chicken Pluckers Bruise Meat

Do Chicken Pluckers Bruise Meat?

Plucking Chicken by hand was very common a few years back. People used to pluck the Chicken, holding it in one hand and using the other hand to pluck it. It was done while the Chicken was still warm. It was preferred and considered an easy way to pluck Chicken. However, the recent invention of Mechanical or DIY Chicken plucked has made the job easier. 

But, Do Chicken Pluckers Bruise Meat? Chicken Pluckers are useful for plucking so many chickens in a short period of time. They do not leave bruises on the meat; rather, it gives a perfectly smooth finish. However, if the Pluckers fingers are degraded with use & time, it might leave some bruises. To avoid bruises, use the Chicken Pluckers with rubber fingers. 

What Is A Chicken Plucker? 

Chicken Plucker is a mechanical device that is used to remove the feathers from the chicken skin. However, almost 100 years back, the people who used to do the feather plucking job of bird-like animals were known as Chicken Pluckers. 

Modern technology and advancement are committed to making our life easier. Mechanical Chicken Plucker is one of the examples of that. You will find a semi-automated or completely automated device that efficiently removes feathers from any bird and prepares the meat. 

You will find two types of Chicken Pluckers; one is Tub style Chicken Plucker which has a cylindrical tube, and another is drill attached Chicken Plucker, where a drill is used to pluck the feathers. 

What Does A Chicken Plucker Do?

A Chicken Plucker is used to take off all the feathers from a chicken body and prepare the meat. A Chicken Plucker makes the plucking easier and more convenient. People who need to pluck a lot of Chicken usually use the Chicken Pluckers. 

Within just 30 seconds, you will be able to take off all the feathers without any hassle. When you pluck a chicken by hand, it might require more than 4 to 5 minutes. Then again, some of the feathers are stubborn and do not come off easily; as a result, you will need a hand to take them off. 

Can I Pluck Chicken Feathers Without A Chicken Plucker? 

Yes, you can pluck Chicken without a Chicken Plucker. To be honest, the traditional way of plucking Chicken was done just by using hands. One hand was used to hold the Chicken tight, and the other hand was used to pluck the feathers. 

However, even after plucking the feather by hand, if some of them still exist, hot water was used to heat the skin. A bucket of hot water with a temperature of 160 Degrees should be taken, and the Chicken should be soaked for almost a minute.

Then you can pluck the rest of the feather while the skin is still hot. The overall process will require 4 to 5 minutes per Chicken. However, if you are new to this, you might require a couple of minutes extra. 

Why Should I Use Chicken Pluckers?

As you know what Chicken Pluckers is, you might have guessed all its benefits. You will surely benefit by using mechanical Chicken Pluckers. Let me list down all the benefits of using a Chicken Pluckers;  

  1. Reduce time: The plucking time of the feathers is reduced drastically just by using a plucker. Plucking by hand requires 4 to 5 minutes, whereas plucking by a Chicken Plucker will take less than 30 seconds. 
  2. Cleaner Result: Hand Plucking leaves a lot of feathers left on the skin, especially the small ones. On the other hand, Chicken Pluckers take off all the large and small feathers. 
  3. Efficient when requiring more plucked: If you need more Chicken plucked within a short span of time, then you will need the mechanical Chicken Plucker. 

You will find a lot of chicken pluckers in the market; However, after doing some research I find the Kitchener Chicken Plucker to be effective, it comes with 1 HP and 280 RPMs of spinning force. You can check this plucker on Amazon.

Does The Chicken Plucker Leave Bruises To The Meat?

Chicken Plucker can be harsh towards their skin; however, it does not leave any spot on the Chicken’s skin. However, you need to be careful as over time and use of a definite period, the fingers of the Plucker might degrade and lose their productivity. 

Let me tell you, the damaged fingers of the Chicken Pluckers can leave unwanted bruises on the skin. Although Chicken Pluckers are not meant to bruise chicken meat, some incidents have led the chicken meat to be bruised and torn. 

I know you want the smooth, clear skin of the Chicken you just plucked. But sometimes, after plucking, you might find the Chicken will bruise all over it. Well, at that time, you will have to check the fingers of the Chicken Plucker and examine its condition. 

How Can I Pluck Chicken Without Leaving Any Bruises?

As you know by now that the damaged conditions of Chicken Plucker’s fingers can be one of the main reasons behind the meat getting bruises. Therefore, you will have to observe the Chicken Plucker’s condition before starting the process. 

Moreover, you might know that when the chickens have warm bodies, plucking the feathers becomes much easier. So, in order to resist the meat from any bruises and tears, you can heat the scalding water. 

Try to use the water with a temperature ranging from 140 to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit and dip the Chicken for 15 to 30 seconds before putting it in the Chicken Plucker. This will make the plucking easier and resist any kind of damage to the meat. 

Should I Buy Or Rent A Chicken Plucker? 

Buying a Chicken Plucker is mandatory for those who need to pluck too many chickens per day. As renting might not be a cost-effective option. You will not have to rely on someone else’s Chicken Plucker; rather, you can pluck the feathers any time you want. 

In addition to that, you can rent your Chicken Plucker to other users. You can charge a definite amount of money depending on the usage. You can earn up to $50 to $150 per day by renting your Chicken Plucker. That is, the investment will not go in vain. 

On the other hand, if the frequent need for plucking the Chicken is not required, you can definitely rent a Chicken Plucker. You can rent it as per your need. There are local stores from where you can rent a Chicken Plucker. 

You can rent the Chicken Plucker for $50 to $150 per day use. You can even find helpful neighbors who might rent their Chicken Plucker to you for a cheaper rate. However, for renting Chicken Plucker, you might also need to give a refundable deposit for any kind of damages. 

Related Questions:

How Are Chickens Defeathered?

Chicken can be de-feathered by using hands which is a traditional way of de-feathering chickens. All you need to do is take the Chicken in one hand, hold it tight while the Chicken is still warm and pull the feather using the other hand. 

Remember, in order to make this process smooth and clear, all you need to ensure is the Chicken is still warm. In case you notice the Chicken has lost its body temperature, you can heat up some water and dip the chicken in it for a few seconds. 

The alternate way to pluck the feather is using a Chicken Plucker. All you need to do is put the Chicken in a plucker and turn it on. The rubber fingers attached to the Chicken Plucker will do the rest of the job.

Can I Use A Chicken Plucker For Quail?

If you compare a chicken and a quail side by side, you will notice the quail is much smaller than the Chicken. As a result, when you use the Chicken Plucker to pluck the quail, you will find the quail being tossed around.

The feathers will not come off easily as the quail will not be able to get in contact with the Chicken Pluckers finger. That is, you might need to buy a smaller Plucker. 

Do You Have To Scald A Chicken Before Plucking?

It is not mandatory to scald the Chicken before plucking, only if the Chicken stays warm. That is, the body temperature is still intact. 

If you find the Chicken being all cooled down, you will need to scald the Chicken as it will help the de-feathering easier and prevent the meat from having any kind of damage. 

How Hot Should Water Be To Scald Chickens?

The water should have a temperature between 140 to 150 Degree Fahrenheit for the Chicken to be scalded. But remember to scald the Chicken for 15 to 30 seconds.  

How Long Does It Take To Pluck A Chicken?

The timing needed for plucking a chicken differs depending on the method you are using to pluck the Chicken. If you use your hand to pluck the Chicken, the approximate time you will need is around 4 minutes.

Nonetheless, if you use a plucker, it will require a few seconds, mostly 30 seconds, to pluck each Chicken.